Safety & Sustainability

Since our inception in 2000, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to build a business that keeps the safety and sustainability of our workforce and communities a top priority.


Safety is an integral part of our culture at Chevron Phillips Chemical, and it is our most important team effort. Our employees work to ensure every person that comes to work goes home safely.

Compared to the industry, our personal and process safety outcomes and environmental performance are excellent; however, we strive for continuous improvement and will not stop working toward our goal of achieving zero injuries and incidents.

As a company, we provide core concepts and programs to our employees to drive continuous improvement in our safety performance. One of these tools is our Guiding Principles, a set of simple beliefs that influence how we work:

  • Work safely or not at all.
  • There is always time to do it right.
  • If it’s worth doing, do it better.


To us, sustainability means keeping the health and safety of our workforce paramount in our daily operations, being a responsible steward of the environment, creating the chemical building blocks for products that will advance society and exceed customer expectations, and acting responsibly and ethically across our global business dealings.

Much like our safety performance, we aim to continuously reduce our environmental impact. We focus on reducing usage of the resources needed to make our products, including energy, water and raw materials. At the same time, we work to reduce emissions generated through the lifecycle of our products, from sourcing and transporting raw materials to the end or renewal of their life.

Being a trusted petrochemical leader requires open communication and active engagement, and we report on our sustainability performance annually. Read our latest report.